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Sasso San Gottardo Foundation is a private nonprofit organisation. The institution is committed to sustainably preserve the valuble historico-cultural Gotthard fortress. The Foundation is chaired by Dr. Fritz Gantert.


We rely on sponsors and contributions.


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Core team

Damian Zingg.webp

Damian Zingg


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Cristina Kaufmann


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Theo Höltschi


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Maurus Imhof

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Cornelia Loretz

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Ronja Schibler


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Paul Jans

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Rene Denver

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Andres Schüepp

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Erwin Iten

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Rene Flaim

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Jeffrey T. Skrob

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Emanuel Schüepp


Sophie Mauch

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Markus Hügli

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Martin Hitz


Joseph Huber


Peter Härdi


Armin Mathis

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Karin Kurz


Dr Fritz Gantert.webp

Dr. Fritz Gantert

President of the Foundation Board

Dr. sc. techn. ETH Zürich; Entrepreneur and independent member of the Board of Directors, President of the Schweiz. Gesellschaft für Technik und Armee STA, Member of the Board  of «Swissmem»


Andre Blattmann.webp

André Blattmann

Chief of Swiss Armed Forces between  2009 and 2016.

Hanspeter Bonetti.webp

Hanspeter Bonetti

dipl. Bauing. HTL Fachrichtung Tiefbau.

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Gasser Felstechnik AG

Norman Gobbi.webp

Norman Gobbi

State Councillor of the Canton Ticino

Christoph Hürlimann.webp

Christoph Hürlimann

Swiss certified real estate appraiser; Managing Director of Bentom AG General Contractor and Administrations

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Filippo Lombardi.webp

Filippo Lombardi

Former president of the council of states. Councillor of Lugano. President of HC Ambri Piotta, journalist and media entrepreneur, Delegate of the Board of directors of TImedia Holding SA 

Franz Xaver Muheim.webp

Franz Xavier Muheim

Dr. iur.; Owner and Partner Muheim Merz Baumann with offices in Zug und Altdorf

Fondazione Sasso San Gottardo

Via della Stazione 48

6780 Airolo


Tel.: 0844 11 66 00

Email: info@sasso-sangottardo.ch

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