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General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Of the Fondazione Sasso San Gottardo

from 28 March 2021



  1. Scope of application
    The General Terms and Conditions („GTC’s“) govern all business relations between the Foundation Sasso San Gottardo (FSSG) and customers of the online shop.

  2. Offers

    2.1 Products and prices stated in the online shop are considered as an offer.

    2.2 FSSG is free to set the prices and change them at any time. When ordering, the price published in the online store is binding.

    2.3 The visit to the Sasso San Gottardo Fortress is available at the times indicated in the online store. Certain time slots may be fully booked and therefore not available.

  3. Contract Conclusion

    3.1 Whoever accepts an offer of the online store by sending his order electronically to the online store, concludes the contract with Fondazione Sasso San Gottardo.

    3.2 Preconditions for a valid contract are:
    a) the order form provided in the online shop is truthfully and completely filled in
    b) the General Terms and Conditions have been accepted

  4. Payment

    4.1 The online payment is made with Visa, Mastercard or Maestro bank card by means of a separate server. If the customer has made the payment according to the specified procedure, he receives a printable payment receipt online.

    4.2 Each contract conclusion is final and after confirmed payment the customer cannot change or cancel it.

  5. Tickets

    5.1 The ticket is valid exclusively for the date and time slot indicated on the ticket

    5.2 The ticket cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded. However, a ticket for a particular tour / timeslot can be changed to another date / timeslot.

    5.3 The tickets are personal and non-transferable. The customer may not transfer them to third parties. FSSG reserves the right to request a valid official photo ID. FSSG may deny access to the Sasso San Gottardo to the holder of a ticket that may have been acquired illegally.

    5.4 The customer prints the ticket and presents it at the cash register, or downloads the ticket to a smartphone or tablet that can be read at the cash register.

    5.5 The online ticket is only valid if it is printed
    1) On an inkjet or laser printer using  unprinted white A4 paper on both sides and
    2) with a minimum quality of 300 dpi and not in eco mode.

    5.6 Partially printed, soiled, damaged or illegible tickets will not be accepted by FSSG.

  6. Service Obligation

    6.1 The FSSG renders the described services in the online shop to the customer.

    6.2 Safety and other reasons may force the FSSG to limit or exclude the visit of Sasso San Gottardo.

    6.3 In case the duration of the restriction should last more than two hours, FSSG will issue a ticket voucher valid for the current season.

    6.4 Force majeure and official orders exempt FSSG from the refund obligation.

  7. Admission to Sasso San Gottardo

    7.1 The visitor must be in front of the main entrance no later than the time indicated on the ticket.

    7.2 Late visitors who arrive in front of the main entrance after the time indicated on the ticket will only be admitted if the maximum number of visitors is not reached in the following time slot. Late visitors will be admitted to the Sasso San Gottardo depending on the crowds, with priority given to those who arrive on time.

    7.3 The access to the Sasso San Gottardo is not allowed for pets.

    7.4 Sasso San Gottardo comprises more than 3 km of tunnels at different levels. Depending on the tour booked, customers cover long distances on foot. It is up to the customers to study in detail the different offers and to join a tour according to their own physical condition.

    7.5 Refunds due to physical exhaustion are excluded.

  8. Liability

    8.1 The visit of Sasso San Gottardo is under the sole responsibility of the customer.

    8.2 The customer cannot hold FSSG liable for any damage caused by visiting the fortress

    8.3 Likewise, any liability for the use of the parking spaces of the FSSG is rejected.

    8.4 The FSSG cannot guarantee the customer that the visit to Sasso San Gottardo will exactly meet his expectations and that no errors will occur during the use of the website.

  9. Data Privacy

    9.1 FSSG only collects personal data that is necessary for the conclusion of the contract. These will not be further processed without the separate consent of the customer.

    9.2 FSSG will only disclose the data to third parties if this is necessary for the execution of the contract.

  10. Customer Service
    For information or questions prior to the conclusion of a contract or in connection therewith, the customer service of FSSG is at the customer's disposal under Tel. +41 79 238 66 94 or by e-mail to

  11. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
    The relationship between FSSG and the customer shall be governed exclusively by Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Altdorf (UR).



Please note: Only the German original of these General Terms and Conditions of the FSSG is legally binding. The English translation is provided for information purposes only and has no legal force. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, you automatically accept the German original.


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