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Protection concept Covid-19


Basic principles


The general hygiene measures of the FOPH apply:

- refrain from shaking hands, greeting kisses and hugs

- cough, sneeze in the crook of your arm

- Keep your distance




Please cancel your visit if you are not feeling well, have recently been in contact with people suffering from Corona or are showing flu/cold symptoms. We will re-book tickets already booked free of charge.




Admission is only possible during the advertised time slots. The visit must be booked online. Your personal data is used for tracing purposes so that we know who was in the fortress with whom and when. They are deleted after three weeks.


The federal government's tracing app is also installed on all Sasso mobile phones.


Disinfection obligatory


Visitors to exhibitions and participants in guided tours of the historic fortress:

Disinfecting hands is obligatory before entering the site. Appropriate means are available at the main tunnel entrance.

After the tour of the themed world, leave the first sector and enter the historical fortress at another point through a side tunnel. There, disinfecting your hands again is obligatory.


In the exhibition area, door handles are disinfected by our staff after each tour.


Metro del Sasso


Our guides clean the handrails with disinfectant at the end of each group tour.




Those who are not allowed to use disinfectant because of skin problems are obliged to wear protective gloves during their entire visit, which may only be disposed of after leaving the fortress.


Protective masks


The wearing of protective masks is compulsory in all sectors of the fortress. DO NOT dispose of your protective mask in the tunnels.


Distance rule / max number of persons per room


Despite the obligation to wear protective masks, please respect the distance rule of 1.5 metres towards our staff and other guests.

This rule can only be implemented in the tunnels if you walk behind each other and NOT next to each other.

The caverns in the theme world are very spacious. Nevertheless, pay attention to the distance rule there and respect the indicated maximum presence of people per exhibition space.

Please do not touch any objects, display cases, screens, etc.


Behaviour in the gallery


We kindly ask you not to leave used paper tissues or chewing gum lying around or to throw them away in the galleries, and not to spit anywhere.

Please follow the instructions of the staff throughout your stay.


Toilet facilities


There is a toilet facility in the Theme World sector. We ask that you wash your hands thoroughly with soap after visiting them. There are also products available in the toilet cubicles to disinfect the toilet seats.




Please inform us if you experience typical corona symptoms or test positive within a few days of visiting Sasso San Gottardo. Please cancel your planned visit with us if you do not feel well.


Damian Zingg, Museum Director, Version March 2021

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